About me ✓ Monique is a certified mentor

I'm inspired by mentoring and doing good work others can’t live without.

If you are interested in improving how your organisation engages with employees, leadership positioning or leadership development, then I'd love to bounce ideas with you. I'm a senior communications professional with over 18 years of experience across marketing communications, internal communications, media relations and brand management in Germany, Australia and America. I am currently freelancing in Germany under the name Zytnik Consulting while I am on sabbatical from a large Australian government department where I co-managed an internal communication team. Throughout my career I've found value through having my own mentors and also mentoring others. It feels so great to be a part of a movement that pays it forward.

I have worked across a diverse range of industries and companies. The smallest being three people and the largest over 50,000. I have previously worked for Berlin tech companies and start-ups including Adjust (analytics for mobile marketers) and Younicos (renewable energy systems with battery storage) in B2B marketing roles. I have also consulted to BVV (German superannuation fund for the banking industry) for many years transforming their stakeholder engagement. I started my career in 2001 as an intern in a public relations company in Washington DC, America. This was back in the day when we physically made and printed clip-books for our clients, cutting and pasting newspaper clippings on graph paper and photocopying them. Times have changed!

My love of internal communications has developed over the years, working in key roles within Australian Unity and The Victorian Department of Human Services and also with ANZ Bank. I truly believe a company's greatest asset is their staff.

Mentoring Topics

  • Internal communication & employee engagement
  • Leadership communication & leadership positioning
  • General marketing communication
  • Writing - blogs, media releases, web copy
Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Monique

28.September 2021

Dear Monique,

I really love our sessions and find them very helpful. I highly appriciate that you take the time to speak with me about my challenges at work - either with your marketing or your leader expertise - and always provide valuable feedback. It's also really motivating that you see what I'm trying to do for my team and every single employee. Thank you so much!

4.November 2020

1- Tips for communications

-In meetings

-Holding statements/ key messages

2- The importance of self-image

3- How to do networking for the stakeholder management

25.September 2020

Who are my stakholders? How do I approach them? Tool: Stakeolder Matrix

28.May 2020

In no particular order:

1. That mentoring via video conferencing is almost certainly the way forward in this modern age:

2. Delivering smaller tasks can lead to bigger and better outcomes.

3. Thinking outside of an organisation to be a part of the board could be an avenue of opportunity, where internal options are not being presented. This will also help to provide stimulation and energy, grow the network and help other organisations deliver against their goals.

....I will add a fourth....many thanks to Monique for giving up personal time to help and provide guidance. It was clear that communication is a very big strongpoint. I am glad to have had the opportunity to have the session and learn from different and in some cases similar experiences. Thanks again!