About me

I am a cyber professional with 30+ years of demonstrable experience addressing risk in large-scale, high-profile digital transformation initiatives.

I am innately inquisitive. I have a logically creative mind and a curious spirit. I am confident in my ideas and their ability to further the attainment of goals. I aim high, but equally understand the limits of what is realistic and attainable, guided by the contextual lens of business constraints.

I flourish in environments where I have the freedom to boldly innovate, and take my design ideas from incubation to realization. I have powerful conceptual skills, and use these to shape my critical thinking abilities. I excel at analysis, categorization, and creating strategies that are based on, and traceable to, industry standards. I utilize my systems thinking to build conceptual frameworks, prototypes, patterns, pilots and models.

I am unafraid of change and complex problems. I thrive in ordered chaos (just add water and stir...).

I am unfashionably ethical, and operate under the banner of organizational and political acuity. I am driven by deep-seated professional convictions about integrity, objectivity and trust, and the greater good ideals of social equity, diversity and inclusion. In that sense, I will always be a non-conformist.

Mentoring Topics

  • cyber security
  • information security
  • security architecture
  • information technology


English - English

Country: Canada Timezone: America/Toronto