I am consultant and coach supporting leaders to navigate the world of new work, agile, new leadership, and self-organised teams. I'm working part-time at Thoughtworks Deutschland GmbH and I am currently being trained as a Professional Coach at Coatrain.

I am exceptionally curious, I like to learn new things and love to gain new experiences. Within Thoughtworks I had the opportunity to work in multiple roles: Product Manager, Business Analyst, Delivery Principal, Project Manager, Agile Coach, and Change Lead.

This has enabled me to build up a wide range of different skills. Besides very specific topics like agile software and product development, the topics of leadership, new work, and high-performing teams run like a common thread through my daily work.

I'm passionate about exploring the necessary mindset and communication techniques to thrive in a world of self-organised, diverse teams and new leadership.

My Mentoring Topics

  • leadership
  • work culture
  • team culture
  • high-performing teams
  • self-management
  • agile
  • product management
  • changing careers

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