Nandan Mishra

Nandan Mishra Certified

Data Analyst, Engineering

Nandan worked with Allianz in the Global Data Office. Previously, he worked with Uniper (an energy generation company) as a Data Engineer dealing with solving the problems of power plants by applying Machine Learning. Having completed his Masters in Data Engineering, applying the concepts learnt in a practical environment is really something he likes to do.

Before this, Nandan worked with Microsoft, Germany as a working student where he also completed his Master Thesis on Recommender systems.

Along with his masters studies in Bremen, he worked as a working student in LittelFuse and joined XING as a Data Engineering Summer School Intern.

He also has experience of working in two large consulting companies in India where he solved various client problems ranging from banking to healthcare.

While pursuing Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Nandan also coauthored and published research papers (IEEE & Springer) on application of AI in the field of control systems.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Science,
  • Data Engineering,
  • Career Advice,
  • Internship Applications
13.February 2023

11.October 2022

Nandan really helped to simplify my approach and suggested me clear action points. I am looking forward to speaking to him again!

8.October 2022

Extremely useful. Nanden is very professional and knowledgeable. He is extremely friendly and polite. I learned a lot from him. Thank you!

30.July 2022

This session really helped me to have a direction and narrow down my priorities. This session addressed the limitations I am having in terms of learning and helped me to prioritise my learning skill set.

21.July 2022

The session was really helpful to me. I've gotten many things new to open my mind. The mentor gave me a bigger picture to step in a career as Data Analyst as well as links to upgrade my skills. I'm really appreciated his service😃

14.July 2022

Nandan is the best, he gives you better view about the career and the market.

14.July 2022

Nandan is the best mentor. We had a great session where he gave excellent advice, tips, was very polite, set standards without being rude, and even offered coupons for courses. Highly recommend!

13.July 2022

13.July 2022

We had very exciting mentorship session. As experienced in the data science field, Dandan shared his experiences with me and helped me reshaping my data oriented future career. He also adviced me with the most important data science tools in the indutry.

It was really a pleasure speaking with him like a friend of many years.

9.July 2022

12.May 2022

The conversation was excellent. Nandan answered all my questions and identified my strengths and weaknesses. He also advised me on the next steps that are interesting for my career. He proved to be a person with vast knowledge, experienced, and up-to-date in the Data area. I look forward to our next conversations.

3.May 2022

The session with Nandan was very great. He is a very knowledgable and supportive. Also, he has a good insight into job market and job haunting process. I find it very kind that he was willing to give advice and help even after our session on the LinkedIn. In general, the mentoring session with him was very good and recommendable.

30.April 2022

It was a very helpful session for me. He gave me a lot of guidance towards pathways to change my carrier .I will continue keeping in touch with him.

25.March 2022

Yes it was very helpful

22.February 2022

This session was an eye opener for me. He gave me really honest and unbiased opinion for the topics which were raised by me during the session. The session has helped me in de-cluttering my journey.

7.February 2022

My mentoring session with Nandan was extremely helpful. He began by asking questions to find out what stage I am at in my career, what my goals are, and tailored his advice to my situation. He was extremely generous with his time and offered very useful tips on the skills I need to learn, how to learn them, and how I should then approach job applications.

After the session, I left feeling encouraged, and had a very clear plan for what my next steps should be in my career. I couldn't recommend him more. Thank you Nandan!

1.February 2022


Had a meeting with Mr. Nandan. He is very friendly and answered all my doubts. Gave a proper plan of action to take the next step.

Shared with me all the resources, sample projects to show case in interviews.

Thanks for your time.



28.January 2022

Very helpful

20.January 2022

The session was really helpful, Nandan was friendly and gave me advice from his real-life experience and helped me see more clearly the path I should go

12.January 2022

In that context it was like water in the desert, Got good insights about how to build a portofolio and the best was about doing something with GA demo data. Keep helping others with things you can do for someone you might be the only one who did that. Xd

11.January 2022

Yes, definitely helpful

4.January 2022

The session was really helpful. My question was answered accurately and I have got insightful advice.

I will set another meeting in the future to consult about my decisions.

6.November 2021

The session was really helpful. The discussion with Nandan was very friendly and he did provide me with a couple of options to consider relating to my situation along with a plan. The flow of conversation was very smooth and informative addressing all my questions and providing along with multiple options that I could consider.

2.November 2021

Nandan explained things in great way and explained how to enter the required field. I will recommend everyone to get connected with him.

11.October 2021

Overall a great session. Nandan knows things in his field of work. Would love to have such sessions often.

5.August 2021

Nandan was very helpful throughout the session. He gave feedback on my assignment and also shared some urls, which were helpful. Looking forward for more mentoring sessions with him.

22.July 2021

Yes, I found the session to be beneficial. Nandan is very friendly and easy to talk to. Prior to the session, I had no idea how to begin my career in the data field. The situation has changed, and I now know what to do as a result of the things Nandan shared.

Many thanks to Nandan and the mentorship club for giving the platform.

23.June 2021

Yes this session was helpful and he was very much supportive to understand the existing concern and gave good solution to the problem.

1.June 2021

It was great. All my questions with respect to Data Engineering was cleared by the mentor. It was wonderful talking to him.

13.May 2021

It was really very good session. I got to know where to keep my footsteps now and how to plan ahead of my career.

8.April 2021

Thank you for helping me to better navigate myself in this AI/DS complex.

7.April 2021

Intuitive session, appreciate the insight, looking forward to learn more and get experience in the field. Thanks

24.January 2021

Key insights about thesis and job opportunities in Germany

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