About me ✓ Nandini is a certified mentor

Namaste, I am Nandini and I work as a User Experience Designer with Cisco Systems in San Jose, California. I am responsible for the user experience of multiple Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) related products. Creating efficient design solutions, where the data and the constant flow of information must be visualized and structured in the UI in order to optimize the user experience for network professionals. My role includes giving higher importance to common design language and system to get consistency amongst all the ACI related applications. I work with UI developers and backend engineers for the best usability and effectiveness of the products while understanding technical limitations.

Back in 2011, I graduated with Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering and worked as a Senior Software Engineer with Infosys Ltd for about three and a half years.

2016 was a turning point in my career. I realized that I am a creative enthusiast who gets fascinated by the thought of solving complex problems and the irony that the solution has to be simple. Hence, I got an opportunity to convert my passion into a job that I love and could pursue day and night. 💛

The transition was not easy but there were a lot of people along the way who helped me with this journey and made it successful.

I am really excited to help fellow UXers in this journey to get that first kick start in the real world by using my experiences and learning something new from them in the process.

Thank you The Mentoring Club for this opportunity to give back to the community. 😇

Mentoring Topics

  • UX Interview Tips
  • UX Interview Prep Topics
  • Portfolio Review
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design
Country: United States Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Reviews for Nandini

22.November 2021

Nandini was very helpful and answered all the questions I had regarding her experience and interviewing in UX design. She was very kind and thorough.

21.November 2021

I have been very pleased with the mentoring session, Nandini helped me a lot to validate my idea and answered all my questions.

Thank you for your time and information Nandini I really appreciate it.

13.September 2021

Dear Nandini,

thanks again for taking the time for our recent mentoring session. I really appreciated that you actively listened to me explaining my situation and the different options arising from it. Your assessment of it and the advice you gave, based on the experiences of your own journey, were very helpful for me. Especially as it provided me a better understanding on the skills and level of experience the job market currently demands of UX Designers. It was also very cool that you were committed to use the remaining time to support me in issues apart from the questions I had prepared in advance.

Keep up the good work!

All the best,


21.July 2021

It was super useful, thank you very much. Really appreciated the Linkedin job search tips and your feedback on my Linked In profile and portfolio.

4.July 2021

Nandini, is really really essential if you wanna have great visual design even as bloody beginner like me. Other than that she‘s just a really nice person to talk to.