Hi I am Narjeet. I am a co-founder and Product Strategist at Lean Apps GmbH (www.theleanapps.com) in Berlin. We work with product leaders, product managers and innovation teams in corporates to accelerate their journey from idea to product to product-market-fit. We provide education and execution of process like Lean experimentation, Design Sprints, Agile product development and Hacking Growth. I have been responsible for 100+ digital products ranging from mobile apps, web apps, chatbots, voice bots, IoT apps, AR/VR, Machine Learning algorithms. I have worked with likes of Walmart, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Ericsson, BMG, Bayer, Zeiss, BMW and many more startups in healthcare, fashion and retail. I have been helping these companies in building experimentation culture and how to build new products at SPEED. I am also a mentor at Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship for many corporate innovation teams. I am also a mentor at Founder’s Institute for many startups in Germany. I am passionate about challenging new ideas and finding ways to test and validate these ideas without writing single line of code. I am available for 2 mentoring sessions a week. Just book a time on my calendar.

My Mentoring Topics

  • How to test new ideas using Lean experimentation?
  • How to run Design Sprint?
  • How to navigate from idea to problem-solution fit to product-market-fit?
  • How to align with your stakeholders and management?
  • How to be a ninja product manager?
  • How to build a new product in 8 weeks?
  • How to run growth experiments?
11.August 2021

Mentoring session was very helpful. Narjeet provided lot's of useful information regarding no-code tools, his experience working with such platforms, opinions regarding difference use-cases.

6.October 2020

User testing Product roadmap Design sprint

28.September 2020

27.July 2020

combine qualitative and qualitative user research, based on data tackle one thing at a time, during user interviews ask about done things from the past, not the future

18.July 2020

1. To stay in problem space for adequate time before jumping to solution space 2. To get validation of pain points through customer interviews. 3. How to define user personas more clearly

10.July 2020

1. Insights on product management 2. How to position myself during job search 3. The strategy to job search

12.June 2020

how the market of infrastructure is , which fields to improve, How is the life and Job of a Product Manager

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