Hola! I'm Nata, a product designer at Freeletics, an AI-coaching fitness app. I have always been passionate about collaboration and teaching. In Colombia, I studied graphic design and media production. While studying, I began working as a frontend developer.

Understanding human-centered design and how to build better products led me to Germany, where I've completed a Masters in Media Art and Design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Since then, I have been involved in several projects where I have been in close contact with aspects of user research and implementation.

I love talking to people, and connecting with my team and our goals makes each project purposeful and enjoyable.

Let me know If I can help in any way. 😊

My Mentoring Topics

  • User Testing,
  • Design thinking,
  • Prototyping,
  • Product design,
  • Design Sprints,
  • Sprint planning,
  • Team work
6.September 2021

The session was very valuable to me. I felt that you listened carefully and were genuinely interested in learning about my needs and goals. Talking to you helped me to better understand my options. I liked that you suggested different paths on how to proceed (adding some more case studies to the portfolio etc.). All your comments were clear and comprehensible. Overall, the session felt really supportive and motivating.

It was also great that you invested so much extra time so the session didn't end abruptly .

And of course, I highly appreciate that you forwarded my application.

Thank you very much!

16.August 2021

The session was very helpful, it was my first time to try such an experience.

Nata was so friendly, straight to the point, she had all the answers to my questions.

8.April 2021

I really enjoy my discussion with Nata. She was very clear, concise in her constructive feedback. She gives great examples of how to shape a portfolio/app critique. Also, she has great listening skills to understand a mentee's goals and needs. She also recommended a good strategy towards working on improving my design skills. One day, she will make a great design lead/design director to any company as it is obvious she shows great team skills and leadership values to a 'growing' designer. Thank you

18.March 2021

What did I *not* learn from our sessions would be the better fitting question here 🙂 I sought mentorship with Nata early in my career-change into product design, not only I got the best reviews, constructive feedback and lessons on how I could improve my design thinking process, but I also got immensurable motivation, every time. She's genuinely committed to helping out in any way she can, and besides being a great designer, she's also an inspiring woman and badass latina – I can't put into words how essential it was for me to have this level of empathy and representation. Thank you so so much, Nata 💕

25.November 2020

Guidance regarding structure and how to tackle building my first PD portfolio, a lot of insights regarding what should your process include as best practice and tips applying to job :)

17.November 2020

She shared a lot of useful insights about her career and experience with her current company. It was a nice and helpful conversation and I wish her all the best.