I have been working as Software Engineer for the last 9 years. For more than a half of my career, I spent working on building different Data and ML products. Over the course of my career was mentoring different people in my team. My goal is to help other people to overcome any barriers or issues in their professional(even private life) on their way to becoming a better version of themself. I'm happy to discuss any topics related to Data/Machine Learning/Analytics field, as well as career questions, and help you to learn different ways how to develop your skills. I love traveling, sport, and my dog :) Happy to chat about any of these topics or to deep dive into any new ones.

My Mentoring Topics

  • A career in the Data field
  • Start of the career in data
  • Data
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Infrastructure
  • MLOps
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Products

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