About me

I have always been on the boundary between the digital and the physical world and have worked in management, sales and engineering positions for the last 10 years, as CTO, consultant and developer. I would never have become the person I am today if I had not relied on the experience and support of other people. What I was given, I would like to pass on.

You need to understand the perspective of your (potential) customers, something which is all too often neglected? You need to explain your product and your skills to your investor? You do not know whether you are ready to start production? I can give you a new perspective and in return, I would like to learn what you are doing.

In building up two companies I have had many successes but also many (sometimes costly) mistakes. There is no shame in that, but there is no need for you to repeat them. Supporting you on your way can help.

One of my specialities are drones and their uses, from civilian to security, so if you've got specific questions I can surely answer those. Apart from that, you can talk to me about a wide range of topics, from engineering, production and supply chain to IT, agile development (even of physical products, yes it is possible) and team management. I am able to explain complex issues in a way that non-technical decision-makers can understand, and enable you to do the same.

Mentoring Topics

  • Lean startups
  • Customer-driven development
  • Change & Transformation
  • eCommerce

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