About me

My name is Nikhil, a diversely experienced Account Manager with several years of experience in delivering digital transformation through technology.

My background includes roles where I helped established companies deploy enterprise software to increase revenue, reduce costs, monitor operations, launch new products, and support market share growth. My strengths include sales, customer success, marketing, and project management.

Focused on giving back to the community, I combine my passion for mentoring with the experience and skills gained over the years to guide mentees in their personal and professional development.

Over the years, I have been assessing for a worthy cause where I could give back to the community. For me, I found out that I can contribute my time and energy to changing lives through mentoring.

Since 2014, I have embarked on various professional mentoring initiatives, initially guiding students at University before translating the same approach to internally developing employees at Cvent.

Every year, I also reach out to Universities that run mentoring programs for their students to support their next steps. I not only lead by example, but I also get involved in my mentee's development. My mentees have been proactive in initiating contact, enthusiastic, respectful, and appreciative of my time.

Being a mentor has been very rewarding and fulfilling, the experience has been great. The joy I get from mentoring is like nothing I’ve experienced before, and while I have a journey of my own that I am navigating I am always humbled that I can continue to invest in other people’s lives and dreams.

Mentoring Topics

  • Evaluating Career Opportunities - Any Field
  • Job Applications and Interview Processes
  • Building CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn
  • Is Sales For Me?
  • Sales Development Representative vs Account Management Associate
  • Business Development vs Account Management
  • Overall Personal and Professional Career Advice
  • + More
Country: United Kingdom Timezone: Europe/London

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