About me ✓ Niklas is a certified mentor

Hey, my name is Niklas and I am one of the founding employees at Jodel. During my years at this local social media company I already worked as Head of Community, Head of Growth and am currently working as the Head of Expansion to bring Jodel to more countries.

Jodel is your hyperlocal community connecting millions of users to like-minded people in their immediate surroundings.

As such I have helped launch, nurture and grow the Jodel communities across Europe, build up a user-based moderation system, set up the support structure and managed online and offline campaigns to create sustainable local communities.

During this crazy journey I have learned a lot of lessons from leadership to navigating the weird social dynamics happening online every day.

Mentoring Topics

  • community management
  • building online communities
  • moderation systems
  • growth (on- and offline)
  • growth models (basic growth model, virality, user stages, LTV, etc)
  • user interviews
  • OKRs (quarterly goal setting)
  • leadership
  • agile management
  • hypothesis-driven experimentation


Marketing & Growth

Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Niklas

8.April 2021

Thanks for helping keep focus and see the big picture. Also sending over helpful articles afterwards.

23.March 2021

Focus on user and their needs before creating marketing and growth campaigns

10.February 2021

1. Always ask for help; 2. There is a book / blog article for every challenge; 3. Take significant time for mentoring others, it is a win-win

9.February 2021

How to conduct customer interviews, how to grow a community

9.February 2021

What KPIs, How to do a user interview, Flywheel Growth Model

25.January 2021

what a community is, growth through multiplier/influencer, sharing ideas regularly with external people is important

10.November 2020

I need to do any effort I can in discovering and trying new ads/sales channel, thinking really out of the box.

I need to focus on the best performing channel

I need to find influencers in my niche who are willing to cooperate with me , improve my followers' engagement adding valuable contents on my social accountsand start retargeting people who like my contents