About me

I'm an "Expat" living in Berlin who does Crossfit 🏋🏽‍♀️ and loves Cooking 👩🏽‍🍳. During the day, you can call me a Software Engineer 👩🏽‍💻. In the past 5 years, I've collected good knowledge of Distributed Systems and the e-commerce industry from a tech perspective.

I try my best to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion by conducting #IamRemarkable workshops.

If you are looking to start a career as a software engineer or you want to drop the "junior" from your title, I'm more than happy to share my experience 🌱

Mentoring Topics

  • Architecture Design
  • Operational Excellence
  • API design
  • Coding/Programming
  • Self Promotion Skills
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin