Fathiyah Muen

Fathiyah Muen ✓ certified mentor

✓ certified mentor
Performance Management Specialist & Learning Facilitator Mindaku Ventures

My name is Nurul Fathiyah, a learner at heart, a Learning Experience Designer & Facilitator by profession.

I grew up fascinated by stories, especially of the Superheroes, and the like of Alice & Wonderland. Later in life, I found myself reading J.K.Rowling, Lee Child, and Dan Brown. As a consultant, well you can imagine, I am drawn to management and business books to gain an understanding of the corporate world.

I took Multimedia as my first degree, though I end up being involved in people's learning and growth most of my career. I've spent many years as a Trainer, followed by managing the Learning & Growth department for an organization. Eventually, I was made accountable for Corporate Performance and Strategy Development. I really miss this role. It has opened up a door for me to analyze, recognize, and appreciate the dynamic behind the success of both the organization and the employees. About 5 years ago, I landed a job as a Performance Consultant. I was fortunate to be able to see many people outgrown themselves and listen to many success stories of the people and organizations that I have worked with.

Throughout this journey, I learned the most about strength. Just like a superhero with a unique superpower, we too, have our own 'superpower' called strength. If we can hone our strengths, we can excel better in life and add value to those around us. We can use this strength to write our own success stories.

Now, what is your superpower? What is your story?

My Mentoring Topics

  • Strength Discovery
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Career Transitioning
  • Virtual Learning Experience
  • Virtual Facilitation & Collaboration
  • Miro app enthusiast? Let's talk about Miro!
  • Book Chat (you can pick the book to discuss)
1.July 2022

I have very fun and informative sharing session with my mentor. She encourage me to do new things, its okay to be scared and make mistakes. Things dont have to be perfect but most important is start doing it. Thanks Ms Fathiyah

23.April 2021

Your mentoring was very helpful in clarifying our uncertainty in details and bridging the gap between the criteria catalog and the competency analysis. We have gained confidence with you in what we are tackling and can now implement what we have discussed and move on to the next steps. Your impact was really helpful. Thank you very much!