Hi! Me name is Olha. I am from Ukraine. Now I live in Czech. Twice I started my life anew because of the war. I know well how to adapt in a new city, in a new country.

I worked as a teacher at a high school and as editor in printed publications. Under my leadership, many students and young journalists have become successful. I teach to think creatively and generate crazy ideas that bring money.

Now I'm studying psychology. I help people set new goals in life when changing careers, places of residence. I am a motivational speaker. I deliver individualized and person centered plans while we work together, and try to listen more than I speak. I want to create the safe space you need to be as authentic as you can while we go through your journey!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Life Planning
  • Mindfulness
  • Goal setting
  • Adaptation in a new country
  • Motivation
  • Happiness
  • Creative writing

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