About me

Olly is the Founder and CEO of HiTalent, which he founded 2015 and specialises in Executive Search and Scaling for Berlin Startups. Olly personally has a track record of delivering Leadership Hires across HR, Tech, Product, Marketing and Finance as well as having delivered Inhouse scaling projects for leading Berlin based and European startups taking them from 3-5 person founder teams in stealth mode to 100+ employees with multinational office setups.

From this Olly is happy to share his experience over the years on how to build a mature process to acquire leading senior talent while still establishing brand presence and also to better refine recruitment processes and culture fit as well as offer advice on how to efficiently work with internal and external stakeholders when establishing Leadership Teams.

Mentoring Topics

  • How to efficiently calibrate your C-Level Headhunting
  • Refining internal processes for C-Level Hires
  • How to effectively manage offers and reservations with final-stage candidates
  • Establishing Culture-Fit in candidates at an early stage
  • Managing Hiring Manager expectations