I work as Engineering Lead at Everstores, a Berlin-based startup in the DTC e-commerce domain. Previously I worked at:

- Delivery Hero, one of the biggest players in food delivery market

- Celonis, a unicorn from Germany in developing process mining oriented business intelligence tools

I have ~5 years of industrial experience and programming for 12 years. I received my computer science bachelors and masters degree from Bogazici University and Technical University of Munich respectively.

I am a curious explorer and learner when it comes to computer science and engineering. I love:

- Resolving ambiguities

- Working effectively towards a goal

- Developing and shipping practical solutions with software

In my journey so far I experimented and learned a lot in engineering (albeit never enough) and collected valuable experience and knowledge. I love knowledge exchanges too, I'd love to share my learnings and guide those who are getting started with software engineering.

Since I have experience with a large variety of tools and programming languages I did not list each individually. If you have a very specific topic in mind to talk about let me know!

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Learning new programming languages
  • - Making software design decision
  • - Developing products efficiently
  • - Cloud infrastructure, web development, software and data engineering best practices

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