Greetings! I work as Engineering Lead at Everstores, a Berlin-based startup in the DTC e-commerce domain. Previously I worked at: - Delivery Hero, one of the biggest players in food delivery market - Celonis, a unicorn from Germany in developing process mining oriented business intelligence tools I have ~5 years of industrial experience and programming for 12 years. I received my computer science bachelors and masters degree from Bogazici University and Technical University of Munich respectively. I am a curious explorer and learner when it comes to computer science and engineering. I love: - Resolving ambiguities - Working effectively towards a goal - Developing and shipping practical solutions with software In my journey so far I experimented and learned a lot in engineering (albeit never enough) and collected valuable experience and knowledge. I love knowledge exchanges too, I'd love to share my learnings and guide those who are getting started with software engineering. Since I have experience with a large variety of tools and programming languages I did not list each individually. If you have a very specific topic in mind to talk about let me know!

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Learning new programming languages
  • - Making software design decision
  • - Developing products efficiently
  • - Cloud infrastructure, web development, software and data engineering best practices
15.May 2024

I had an amazing session with Mr. Eken. He was incredibly helpful and friendly, going above and beyond to provide value during the session. His responses to my questions were thorough and well-explained. I feel fortunate to have mentors like Mr. Eken who are dedicated to providing such exceptional guidance and support.

10.January 2024

15.December 2023

21.November 2023

Was very helpful and Onur was really able to help and provide perspective on technical issues.

24.October 2023

Session with Onur was fruitful and communication was excellent. He provides many useful information related to programming and IT domain. He is highly recommended to have a meeting with. Thank you Onur for your time and effort! Looking forward to have another meeting with you

10.October 2023

I had a nice conversation with Onur Eken. He has shared plenty of things with me about career goals, effective job search, problem solving techniques, etc. He gave some tips to improve my interview skills as well. Also he has shared about work culture in Germany. I'm really glad to be connected with him.

23.September 2023

I would like to thank you for your valuable advices on software engineering and tips for time management.

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