I can mentor you in the field of freelancing, especially in software development, I've been working as a developer for more than 10 years, mostly as freelancer. To see how I can mentor you, have a look at my mentoring topics, below. My focus is on backend, I've been working with PHP and Typescript. I can help you with questions related to orientating in the world of software making, in particular, from a perspective of self-organized and independent working as freelancer. I learnt so much from many who advised me in the past, and I'm glad to share my experience and offer help and guidance to the ones who might appreciate it now. Right now, I'm in a shift, moving towards Agile coaching and facilitation.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Freelancing as software developer
  • Backend development
  • Identifying your qualities within the team
  • Price and compensation negotiations
  • Shifting from employee to freelancer
  • Facilitation within the team
  • Shifting from software development to facilitation, and agile coaching (ongoing for me).
4.July 2024

Othmane guided me on how to start my career as a developer and suggested getting into open source. He is a nice person to talk to, always listens carefully, and then provides thoughtful answers.

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