About me

In around 9 years of experiences in various domains of software engineering faced multiple challenging situations with bad leadership, bullies and a lot of toxicity.

These experiences made me learn a lot about my own mindset, my attitude towards life and taught me that positivity and perspective are my own choice.

I believe in servant and positive leadership, which was the reason for me to step into my current position. This allows me to learn how effective leadership, based on trust, transparency and compassion, can help people to be at their natural best.

I don't see myself as a manager, but as a supporter for my teams.

If you're interested in thinking about leadership, positivity and agile together with me, feel free to reach out! I am also highly interested in sharing my approaches to interviewing and supporting you with my perspective on applying & presenting yourself.

Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership
  • Positivity
  • Resilience
  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • Presentations
  • Applications
  • Agile
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Patric

4.November 2021

Like the last time, I had a very good session and leant from you a lot.

I liked your politeness and direct communication. Phrases you used in the sessions like "Is it ok to move to xxx?" , " Would you be open to have feedback...?" are so considerate so I can prepare for feedback which might be hard to take in. But with you, it is always nice because you made the best environment.

I also liked "what do you think?" after you suggested things. It gave me some space to think why I did certain things and it is easier to think what is the better.

I hope I show my gratitude towards your help during the session.

1.October 2021

Patric, thanks you for being open and sharing your experiences and knowledge. It was really concrete for my case and I appreciate your involvement.

23.August 2021

It was a good and friendly session. we had an open conversation and I liked it that you didn't judge me rather listened to me and according given me a suggestion.

one general suggestion regarding mentoring platform, here we have a limited time. If you give a brief suggestion to people, it might take less time and one can discuss more points in it.

But for me it was supper good that we had a deep conversation because I like to clear also small points.

I would like to talk to you again and say thank you for your time.