About me


I'm Patrick living in the beautiful city Frankfurt am Main.

I'm an engineer who worked in the automotive industry for over 13 years. By now I moved into procurement for the R&D in the inside logistic field.

In addition to this I'm working as an engineering consultant (freelancer) for an automotive OEM.

I started my career for an international automotive supplier in product development for chassis parts.

I realized that I like working with different people and handling different tasks more that just beeing an expert.

So thats why I moved into the project management role and recently into procurement.

Beeing the single point of contact for my team and the customers is giving my always different views on the things and keep me still learning. Every project is different and needs always a change in the way how to manage the tasks. This is not limited to the technical items it's more about the people I'm working with.

I would like to share this experience with you :-)

I also made new experience in the last month during a period w/o contract (2021). This brought me a lot for my personal development. I had the time to rethink my last years and also looked forward to learn something new.

So that's why I started to be a mentor at this platform. I also started a PMO role within an NPO organisation (animal walfare) and made also a project manangement certification.

During this time I always had to work on things like writing my CV, cover letter or preparing myself for an job interview.

My expertise is in the project manangement (leading cross-functional teams, supplier management, customer management,...), digital development (CAE, CAD, feasibility,....), trouble shooting, data analysis & reporting and many more

Mentoring Topics

  • Global Project management
  • Product development
  • Supplier management
  • Optimization (Product, Methods and Process)
  • Digital developement (Simultaneous engineering)
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

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