I am a data analytics professional with 5 years' experience working in the field. I'm currently working as a data scientist in fraud detection. My responsibilities in this role have included monitoring KPIs across multiple clients; automating repetitive work; analysing and optimising our machine learning models. Most recently, in this role I have managed a project to develop a client performance monitoring dashboard using python.

I would like to be a mentor because I have successfully pivoted from studying philosophy at undergraduate to working in data science. It is a change that seems difficult because most data analytics jobs ask for a STEM degree. But, everything you need to learn exists online for free, if you know where to look and want to learn. I want to help people who want to make this change.

My interest in data analytics began at university. I took a course in the ethics of Artificial Intelligence where we discussed the philosophical challenges that AI presented: can an AI be sentient? What will happen when/if we discover artificial general intelligence? Can we programme morals into AI? Is this ethical? Who should a self-driving car save?

After completing my degree, I began work as a data analyst at Clearwater Analytics, a financial services company in Edinburgh. In this role I taught myself python and SQL, and used these to automate data analysis tasks. Following this, I worked as an Analytics Project Lead at Media.Monks, where I led a project to improve the first party data collection at a large FMCG company. I left Media.Monks because it had a much greater focus on customer relationship management that I had expected. I love getting into the data too!

I enrolled on a Data Science Bootcamp at General Assembly to learn foundational data science techniques. While here, I completed an NLP project trying to predict key characteristics of a poem's author based on the poem itself. This course helped me round out my skillset, and afterwards I was hired by Ravelin Technology, which is my current role!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Science
  • Career Change
  • Job Hunting
  • Python
  • SQL

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