About me

Hi there,

I am Patrizia. I started my career in Swiss largest telco company in 2008. With my first child I've decided to work parttime 60%. With my 2nd child I've startet to work in a Jobsharing with my longtime collegue, which was also a young mother.

For me personally, the 60% is the perfect balance between family and job. But in a fast driven and competitive environment, it was often very frustrating working parttime. I didn't get the important and interesting projects. I often had to do meetings on my free days or answering phone calls. This changed when we started working in a Jobsharing mode. It was litterally a game changer for our career. We got promoted twice, were more satisfied with our jobs and on our free days we were able to focus fully on our family.

I am convinced that we can only get closer to equality between men and women if we think outside the box. And Jobsharing, amongst others, is a super important tool on this journey.

I would be happy to share my expertise in Jobsharing and reconciliation of work and family life with you.

Mentoring Topics

  • Jobsharing
  • Reconciliation of work and family life
  • Product and Marketing Management
  • Agile Product Developpement


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Country: Switzerland Timezone: Europe/Zurich