Overall Pitch:

I am commercial leader with 20 years sales and marketing experience focussed namely on developing indirect sales channels for high growth fintech and marketing tech companies, with experience across the buyer journey from demand generation to sales (direct and indirect) and account management. I have been at the start up end and the scale up end, focussed on driving and managing growth through lean teams from both an operational and commercial perspective, identifying new acquisition channels and optimising and hardening existing channels, while improving and optimising infrastructure.

I am an expert in payments and fintech having watched the industry grow from birth (10 years experience 7yrs with two unicorns, SumUp and iZettle)

I spent 12 years in marketing tech including my own start up - pre-revenue reward and affinity marketing platform

I operate on 4 main tenants:

A founders mentality - roll up my sleeves and find ways to get the job done in a pragmatic way. I try to stay positive in adverse or uncertain times.

Data driven and customer focussed growth mentality - drive teams to constantly experiment and optimise, constantly listen to customer needs.

An agile leadership methodology - applying a situational leadership style but aspiring towards a coaching mentality to develop autonomous and self managing teams.

Team first caring approach - I believe in strong humble and transparent teams and learning from mistakes. Leaders are there to serve and support teams. Hire great people and then train and develop them.

I am cancer survivor and have experienced burnout. I have overcome this through building practices in yoga, mindfulness, healthy eating and constant learning. This and the above has firmly ensconced me in a "do better" mindset focussed on growth, experimentation and feedback loops to achieve success rather than a "do good" mindset focussed on constantly proving oneself, doing better than others, and demonstrating skills.

I would be a pleasure and privilege to share what I have learned, both professionally and personally, with you.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Growth - Demand Generation, Sales Development And Sales
  • Driving Growth Via Developing Partner Channel
  • Driving Customer Acquisition Through Non-Traditional Channels
  • Revenue Growth And Partner Management
  • Rapid Expansion Into New Global Markets
  • Driving Growth Via Proposition Development And B2b Marketing.
  • Business Development And Product Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Team Development And Building
  • Personal Growth
  • Organisational Development And Change
  • B2b Demand Generation Team From Scratch

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