Peter is the Founder & CEO of OCImatix in San Francisco. As an experienced Startup Founder in Germany and the Silicon Valley he can provide extremely valuable experience and insights into all the challenges founders face while setting up their business. As a leader he sees himself as a coach and mentor to help the people around him grow. He joined The Mentoring Club to offer such support to fellow founders and leaders.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Team Building, Team Setup, Leadership and Motivation
  • Security (Processes, Technology, Governance)
  • Large-Scale IT programs
  • Cloud technologies (in general and specifically Oracle Cloud)
  • BI & BigData
  • Founding Startups in Silicon Valley (Networking, Visa stuff, where to find money etc.)
10.November 2023

Great sessions and mentoring. Very open, helpfull and practical feedback on how to take my studies and career to the next level and reach my goals. Very thankfull! All recommandations!

30.September 2021

A good listener. Gives very insightful & practical feedback on what needs to be done & how to think about it. Very open & candid person. Helpful person overall

26.April 2021

Some insights about team structure and how team should interact with each other, I should have prepared more since it's a lot of information to be covered in 1 hour time :)

11.March 2021

9.March 2021

- Insights into how to approach leading a team - Look to be transparent and communicative all the time - Talking about work with someone outside of the organisation is very insightful

4.February 2021

I've been promoted to lead engineer recently. The discussion was about challenges and ideas: * Peter's insight about a comparison between Matrix Organisation and other models. * We talked about the importance of creating some of the recurrent catch up with team members to make sure they feel cared and respected. * Ideas about team-building exercise.

29.January 2021

Strategies, Conditions from Investors, Structure for a Business Plan

13.November 2020

23.July 2020

Learnt about key areas to focus on in the early stages of my startup, possible pitfalls to avoid, A lot of learnings on how to make the company scale.

2.July 2020

1. The importance of knowing your business plan inside out and being able to reference any aspect of it clearly and confidently. 2. Which aspect of our product is the most interesting from an investor's perspective. 3. The importance of having a short, appropriately detailed summary document to hand when approaching potential investors.

14.June 2020

What is your narrative? Venture Capital or Startups - define chosen your path Continue to personal development growth - leadership

11.June 2020

1) Keep your head high even in tough times , it was a very good motivation during this pandemic times for my Job search. 2) How to face the Interview, by reaching communities. 3) Suggestions on How to grow up in future interms of career.

5.June 2020

As follows in no particular order: 1. Stay active with a clear goal in mind. 2. Brainstorm ideas for innovation with team and beyond - MVP | Fail fast | Pivot. This will also help with self marketing and aid with the avoidance becoming labeled for distinct specialisms or role categories. 3. Report to executive teams in a way that demonstrates how IT targets map into business goals. Place consideration on time, quantity, scope, budgets and risk at the very least. 4.......because I like to add a fourth :-) Peter demonstrates why this initiative is so good and I am grateful for having the opportunity to take guidance from an experienced leader with a worldly understanding built on modern thinking. Many thanks!

28.May 2020

I got great insights and a very experienced view on my project(s)

22.May 2020

1. How to define the engineering team metrics 2. How to incorporate the engineering metrics in the company ones. 3. Engineering contribution to the UX

21.May 2020

Involve open source projects, set middle and long term goals, practice more theory

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