I believe innovation is the future. The journey starts with a simple idea. Based on my experience, the road from idea to a working solution can be tricky one. I am at your side to put your idea into reality. My core values of daily operations are trust, transparency and diversity. I worked in CEO, CTO and Director of Engineering positions in different companies where I co-developed AI-operated products for different industries and organized IT Departments. I hold a Master of Arts in Management and have worked in the IT industry since 2005.

My Mentoring Topics

  • start-up experience with international scaling in Berlin, London and New York
  • organization of cross-functional and product-focused development teams
  • management experience in the high-tech environment
  • SaaS platform development for artificial intelligence
  • customer-oriented and sales- oriented IT strategy
27.October 2021

Unser Gespräch war sehr hilfreich. Es war toll, deine Sichtweise und deine Erfahrungen zu hören und was du mir mit ForTomorrow raten würdest. Und es ist großartig, dass du bereit bist, darüber hinaus bei der Suche für die Marketing Position zu helfen.

20.October 2021

Thanks Peyman for the amazing session, I learnt stakeholders management is a part of leadership and how cross functional and across the hierarchy it is. I also learnt about advanced AI topics like how AI subsystems could work together and how to manage AI subsystems with increasing data sets. And finally, the most actionable advice on finding product market fit for the startup of me! Thankyou Peyman for your wisdom! I would love to book another session soon!

10.June 2021

Yes it was useful to get insights and perspectives from an expert!

19.October 2020

11.June 2020

Product rollout, AI implementation breakdown, Focus

3.June 2020

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