Philipp Abstoss

Philipp Abstoss

Senior Manager Sales Operations & Enablement YouGov Deutschland

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name's Philipp and I am here to help - if you want me to! I am still not sure I know what I want to be when I am a grown-up - but becoming a coach and enabler on my way certainly led in the right direction. So if you are looking for a guide, why not talk…. I am currently responsible for Sales Operations & Enablement at YouGov Germany. As part of this exciting task, I take care of most strategic and tactical in-house sales topics: targeting, planning, reporting, analytics and so on. My second leg is enablement, training, and coaching for both the sales workforce and management. Besides that, I take care of in-house coaching and training. Communication, conflict, and career are my main topics here. To support these tasks, I hold a business diploma and a plethora of certifications in systemic coaching, training, change management, and numerous sales approaches. Before YouGov – well – I did my homework to become a well-trained salesperson, entrepreneur, and world-class napper! My sales career includes all the necessary steps to make me feel comfortable in almost all sales situations. I started in telesales and worked my way up to account director before leaving for the “sales back office”. From cold approaching accounts to strategic 5-year planning - I did it all and therefore have an opinion on everything. Not all these opinions need to be right, but I will sell them to you that way, anyway ;) So - what can you expect from me? Many questions, ideas, criticism, empowerment, and many different points of view on your topics:

My Mentoring Topics

  • For sales leaders – from target to team to success:
  • Strategic planning, Breaking down goals into targets into tasks, Account and industry planning, Team composition, enablement and leadership, Coaching your team on the job, Self-management
  • For sales people (especially juniors) – from target to bonus to promotion: Breaking down targets into prioritisation, tasks, actions, Planning to hit target and bonus, Managing your manager, Analysing USP’s, roles, “what’s in it for you”s to make your communication really stand out
  • For entrepreneurs – from target to funnel to team: How to plan for sales success, How to make my organisation sales-ready, How to find people who build my sales organisation
  • For non-sales roles – what the heck are you doin anyway? How can I benefit from sales? How can I support sales?

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