Eager in innovating & driven by striving for constant growth. Happily based in Berlin Germany with extensive international experience gained in Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates & various European countries (+12 years) through executive roles leading teams of 100+ in technology, e-commerce & startups. Passionate about building, scaling & transforming companies & teams. Aiming to let teams build a better product or service every day that is loved by the end customer - this while creating an inclusive culture for all to thrive. I have the ability to work as part of an evolving team, combining strategic planning with cross company project & stakeholder management. Always problem-solving with bias to action in complex cases, while maintaining qualitative speed of delivery. In past years I have gained executive experience in country management, coordination of product & project management impacting large multilayer organizations (1500+). I am as excited about identifying new concepts & mentoring those to brand new start ups in Europe, Middle East & Africa through accelerators & incubators. With recent 2020 companies being a Fintech Wallet, Last Mile Delivery Platform & Social Travel Platform.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Business Development
  • Vendor Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Sales Enablement B2B
  • People Management
  • Scale up
  • Start Up
  • Ecommerce
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Go to Market
  • Employer Branding
  • Platform
  • Travel Tech
  • Mentorship
  • Change Management
27.October 2021

In short yes the session was very helpful! Especially the open discussion and your thoughts on the travel market in general! The discussion gave me new insights and new ideas on how to build the product!

8.October 2021

Session with Pim was very helpful to my current situation. I got a valuable and much needed insights and advice, plus. Highly recommend to book your mentoring session with Pim, he's got lots of international experience and empathic attitude.

25.June 2021

I had a very great session with Pim and it was helpful to get his perspective (especially considering his experience) on my career. Moreover, I was amazed how calm he was and that he a) took his time to even talk to me and b) really tried to understand my current situation and offered very useful recommendations. This session was a big pleasure and I will keep promoting The Mentoring Club - what a great initiative! Thank you so much guys!

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