Hey! I'm Prasad. Over the last 13 years, I've built empowered teams and, together, driven outcomes for high-volume, digital products. Presently, I'm Director of Product at Babbel leading the Impressions tribe that helps wishful learners find and start learning with us. During this time, I doubled the team to 15 PMs (through internal transfers and new hires), strengthened the discipline, and helped several PMs grow into Senior & Lead PM roles. We regrouped multiple product teams into cross-functional tribes around the customer journey and enabled discovery to deliver against the company's acquisition and retention outcomes - using OKRs. Prior to this leadership role, I've been PM for various B2B/B2C products ranging from manufacturing to customer loyalty, and e-commerce to e-learning. These included challenges like engaging 10M shoppers to return to a multi-channel retail experience, and reinventing e-procurement through AI-powered guided buying to grow subscription revenues. I co-founded SocietyWise - to connect & automate housing communities. It's been quite a journey — with feelings ranging from excited to stuck, challenged to overwhelmed, impostor to ambitious — and fueled a ton of learning and resilience. If my experience can help unlock your potential, I'm happy to co-create a path. Ciao!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Product Growth: creating business & customer value, validation, scaling models.
  • PM Career: transitioning into PM, competency, unlocking strengths, shaping growth prospects.
  • Empowered Teams: setting up cross-functional mindset, collaborating for outcome.
  • Leading & coaching: drive mission, PM mastery and team engagement.
22.September 2021

Hey Prasad, thanks again for the good session. As mentioned I had a few key take aways: - more often than not, conflicts arise due to misalignment on the goals - situations should be approached with sympathy for the other party - it is good to find a way to look onto a problem from a different angle Thank you! Georgi

13.July 2021

Yes, the session was helpful, Prasad told me about his experience of building product organizations and this was exactly what I was looking for.

30.June 2021

Speaking with Prasad was really insightful. He has a way of communicating his thoughts at a level at which the listener can understand, which I feel is great! His feedback and response in general to my questions was decomposed into bite-sized actionable pieces, which really helped me think beyond the point at which I was stuck at.

28.June 2021

Hey Prasad, thanks again for the nice session. The session was helpful in the way that you are able to structure the discussion and point to a problem. I appreciated this a lot as often, we ourselves are unable to really figure out the issue itself, before taking any steps to improving the situation. The framework you shared is a very good start as it really gives a plan to work with. On a more overall perspective, I feel you take the time to listen to the issue and sympathise. I like your structure and clear thinking and find it very helpful. Thanks!

3.June 2021

We had a short session and not a lot of time to explain the context and its additional challenges but I felt we managed to jump right into the problem and make the most out of the time available. I did walk out with raised awareness about what are the pitfalls of the organizational strategy I was planning to propose and this pushed me to rethink it and improve it (hopefully ). So yes, the session was helpful for me. A big thank you!

2.June 2021

The session was helpful, helped me get a better feel for what to focus on, as well as some creative ideas that came up during brainstorming. Prasad was very friendly and communicative, understood the problem space very quickly and gave good input. The format of 30-minute session might be a bit too short though, as I feel like we had to rush through a lot.

31.May 2021

Yes, The session was absolutely helpful for me to empower myself transitioning to Product management. We discussed a lot about product management and I took a lot of information to build a career around products.

2.April 2021

Really appreciated the frank conversation and the ability to bounce ideas off another person.

27.January 2021

- 10 principle of software engineering - still-will matrix - How to structure my thoughts on my message to leadership about building a culture that is outcome vs output focussed.

12.January 2021

1. Defining the top priorities for each week - and limiting this to not more than 3 items - forces one to prioritize and helps to remain focused on the right topics (additionally it can help to align team members). 2. Improving tech skills should be an ongoing project and be guided by personal interest and currently relevant topics at work. A good way for continuous learning is to schedule weeky/bi-weekly 15-min sessions with a developer and each time bring a new question. 3. Taking a deep interest in bugs and talking to developers who solve them is another good way to improve tech skills. Ask questions up to the point that you don't understand it anymore. Maybe google this part to understand. Don't get too caught up in details and don't spend too much time on a single bug, but rather do it continuously, a bit.

6.January 2021

18.November 2020

1. Adapt and improve on journey from PM to PO 2. Understand and learn cultural differences 3. Overcome remote working challenges. Got some really great tips and tricks

14.November 2020

1. Having an experienced person is incredibly valuable as a different perspective on things 2. Try approaching difficult conversations with colleagues/leads with understanding first the background and proceed with empathy and collaboration mindset in proposing your ideas. 3. Always think about "slicing the beast" before jumping into work mode.

3.November 2020

Building team culture, building autonomous teams

6.October 2020

25.September 2020

Prasad did an excellent job sharing his insights. He gave me valuable feedback on changes needed on my Linkedin profile/Resume, he also guided me on how to create more impactful portfolio pieces. We also talk about interviewing for different positions, where Prasad gave me very useful tips on how to better answer crucial questions.

25.September 2020

Your resume should tell your story, overseas job opportunities, realism, patience and hardwork pays off.

18.August 2020

1) Gain clarity on why PM, 2) Talk to more PMs within and outside the organization, 3) Put into perspective what you read in books and other articles

22.July 2020

1. As a platform PM for logistics I have a great advantage because of the direct access to users. This sounds simple and obvious but it didnt strike me as something that I could use to my advantage 2. Dont dump information; make it visual and easy to consume but have a toolkit and a set of docs that as a PM you need not expose but pull them up when required

7.July 2020

1. Giving best, to signal within organisation, which increases the chance of getting into product role. 2. How to bypass the political constraints of organization, while connecting to other teams. 3. The timeline for which I should keep on signalling things internally, before signalling to outside world.

23.June 2020

- Driven metrics - Who else is your competitor? - B2C versus B2B products

17.June 2020

1. How could we position our current product for Product Managers/Leaders? 2. What would be the ideal messaging? 3. What would be an ideal funnel to test?

26.May 2020

- clarity on the metric why people pay for a service/product - drive engagement not just through optimizing how user behave, but also through learning theories - elevate understanding of all team members to get them aligned

25.May 2020

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