About me

Hey! I'm Prasad.

Over the last 13 years, I've built empowered teams and, together, driven outcomes for high-volume, digital products.

Presently, I'm Director of Product at Babbel leading the Impressions tribe that helps wishful learners find and start learning with us. During this time, I doubled the team to 15 PMs (through internal transfers and new hires), strengthened the discipline, and helped several PMs grow into Senior & Lead PM roles. We regrouped multiple product teams into cross-functional tribes around the customer journey and enabled discovery to deliver against the company's acquisition and retention outcomes - using OKRs.

Prior to this leadership role, I've been PM for various B2B/B2C products ranging from manufacturing to customer loyalty, and e-commerce to e-learning. These included challenges like engaging 10M shoppers to return to a multi-channel retail experience, and reinventing e-procurement through AI-powered guided buying to grow subscription revenues. I co-founded SocietyWise - to connect & automate housing communities.

It's been quite a journey — with feelings ranging from excited to stuck, challenged to overwhelmed, impostor to ambitious — and fueled a ton of learning and resilience. If my experience can help unlock your potential, I'm happy to co-create a path. Ciao!

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Growth: creating business & customer value, validation, scaling models.
  • PM Career: transitioning into PM, competency, unlocking strengths, shaping growth prospects.
  • Empowered Teams: setting up cross-functional mindset, collaborating for outcome.
  • Leading & coaching: drive mission, PM mastery and team engagement.

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