I am a DevOps engineer with five years of experience in deploying and scaling production grade applications in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Currently at Humalect, I am building a library to increase adoption of open source software at enterprise level.

Feel free to schedule a meeting, happy to help :)

My Mentoring Topics

  • DevOps/SRE Engineering
  • Career in DevOps and Infrastructure Engineering
  • Taking leap of faith to start your own venture
  • Working on a side hustle in tech
24.July 2021

Rajesh, thanks so much for the session earlier. It was super informative and I have came away with a solid, actionable plan for the issues we discussed. Furthermore you helped me break things down to the point I now feel very confident that I can implement this plan without much problems at all. I will absolutely be staying in touch and can't thank you enough