Mentoring and Coaching is a key aspect of HSBC’s people culture, to emphasise this HSBC actively promotes a “mentee-mentor” program which creates a continuous development cycle. Throughout my tenure at HSBC, I've been deeply involved in mentoring and coaching initiatives, demonstrating my commitment to fostering industry enablement and talent development. Over the 18 years, I have personally mentored and coached 50 employees, focussing on their career, especially technical and soft skill development which eventually aided them with their progression within the organization. For instance, I have worked with employees who were knowledgeable but hesitant to speak in public. I coached them to gain confidence in effective communication, starting with small forums of about 10 people. This approach allowed them to discuss various topics, from IT to cinema, entertainment in a relaxed setting. Gradually, I helped them transition to speaking at larger townhall meetings on topics of their interest with confidence and effectively. HSBC's Graduate Talent Development Program, which I actively participated in, focuses on recruiting right from colleges, ensuring a fresh influx of talent.My key end goal has been to cross-skill existing talent in mobile banking technology and redefine AI operations to enhance organizational performance. The outcomes of these initiatives have been significant: - Reduced external hiring costs by 20% through internal upskilling. - Implemented AI-driven automation, improving operational efficiency by 15%. - Prevented redundancies and ensured workforce adaptability through strategic reskilling. - Created new job roles in line with the evolving technology landscape. - Prevented job losses by proactively coaching and upskilling, ensuring a resilient and adaptable workforce. These efforts have not only contributed to the growth and adaptability of our workforce but also significantly enhanced the operational performance of our organization.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Information Technology
  • Cloud migrations
  • Artificial Intelligence/ML
  • Project/Program Management
  • Scaled Agile Methodology
  • Digital Transformation of Banking Industry
  • Delegating Tasks
  • Time Management
  • Cyber Security
25.March 2024

My session with Rambabu my mentor, was exceptional. He effectively addressed all my doubts, meticulously guiding me through each step of my preparation. His approachable demeanor made it easy to communicate with him, and his humility was truly admirable. I am immensely grateful for his invaluable assistance and guidance. Thank you, Rambabu, for your support—I eagerly anticipate our next meeting.