Reiner is a seasoned technology leader, engineer, scientist, technical advisor & sparring partner, trainer, executive leadership and human potential coach, micronutrients & epigenetics expert, podcaster, and speaker who has pioneered Mindful Leadership methodologies in the past 10 years within large tech orgs and startups. During his tech career, he spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley and the past 7 years in Berlin, Germany, working for top high-tech companies (e.g., IBM Research, Yahoo, Zalando) and startups while exploring novel approaches to leadership and new work methodologies to build purposeful and impactful organizations. He is considered a top innovator with more than 120 U.S. patents, making him one of the most prolific inventors in Silicon Valley. Both IBM Research and Yahoo recognized him as a Master Inventor. The prestigious MIT Technology Review (TR 100) in 2003 also nominated him as a top innovator under the age of 30 to shape the world. Reiner spent the past decade defining a systematic approach to upgrade your body and mind by tracking more than 200+ biomarkers and introducing a method to estimate your level of present awareness (LPA) to become the best version of yourself, with a focus of then applying novel leadership methodologies to shape a new workplace. He is the founder of 3-month "The High-Performance Mind" program, which comprises an unique mix of training, coaching, and masterminding to help leaders upgrade their mind and body to become better leaders in tech and to achieve true leadership mastery. As a founder of The Mindful Leader, he published the 12 Mindful Leadership Principles along with practical teachings that cultivate presence in leaders to increase their leadership effectiveness. Furthermore, he incubated the Mindful Tech Leaders (, a global community of diverse business & tech leaders who are passionate about applying mindful leadership to build purposeful and impactful tech organizations. He is the host of The Mindful Leader podcast, where he interviews experts and thought leaders in the area of mind-management, neuroscience, leadership, functional medicine, and biohacking. As an executive leadership & certified human potential coach (HPI) he assists leaders in optimizing their mindset and brain performance to increase their resilience and energy levels to thrive in high-pressure environments. As a tech sparring partner he works together with senior leaders to help them scale their tech orgs better, or support them through times of exponential changes.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Technology & Mindful Leadership
  • Improve your ability of self-reflection, emotional intelligence (EQ) to become a better collaborator and communicator
  • Connect strongly with your intuition to make better quality decisions
  • Upgrade your Mind: Gain fresh impulses and new ideas that help you raise your level of consciousness, identify limiting thoughts and false beliefs, as well as old reactive thought patterns that prevent you from growing to become the best version of yourself.
  • Getting Started with Mind-Management and Biohacking
  • How to transform to a New Workplace
  • Growing and innovating as a Data Scientist or Researcher
18.April 2024

Thank you for a great session, Reiner! Reiner was kind and understanding and thoroughly went through my case in detail. He provided feedback and resources to help me move forward. It was great to get Reiner's professional insight. Thanks again for your time.

15.January 2024

I had a nice conversation with Reiner. He shared plenty of insights with me about career goals, and more. Reiner also provided tips to enhance my interview skills. Moreover, he shared information about the work culture. I'm really glad to be connected with him and highly recommend his mentorship. Reiner's guidance has not only equipped me with practical tips but has also boosted my confidence in navigating the job market. His personalized advice and wealth of knowledge make him an exceptional mentor. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to connect with him. If you're seeking professional guidance and want to elevate your career strategy, I highly recommend Reiner. Thank you for an insightful and empowering session. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

1.December 2022

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you for taking out your precious time and doing mentoring with me yesterday as you helped me in clearly defining my goals and clarity towards vision and not to overthink.

3.May 2021

16.April 2021

I learned: Focus your career, rather than doing everything at the same time

4.November 2020

Which company size to target, which people to talk to next, plausibility of value proposition

16.September 2020

Defininig purpose, vision, mission and values matters.

20.July 2020

Self awareness, long term view

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