Hello, I'm Rene, author, husband and stress and burnout coach from Einhausen, on the beautiful Bergstrasse.

For my clients I have a very clear goal: CEOs, executives and self-employed should be able to minimize their stress level through structured and simple methods so well that they can recognize the causes and avoid illness through preventive measures.

This was not always the case for me:

A few years ago, I was constantly stressed, always had too little time. Headaches, stomach aches, insomnia and listlessness were the result.

Today I rest deep within myself, I am a mental trainer and stress and burnout coach and I start exactly there, so that others do not get into this vicious circle.

What is your biggest bottleneck right now? What robs you of strength and energy?

If you want to find this out, then let's talk.

Yes, let's talk ( at no charge )


My Mentoring Topics

  • Stressmanagement
  • Mental Training
  • Burnout Prevention
8.July 2022

Rene is a fantastic coach. He took time to listen and understand the confusion I was going through, and then asked questions which helped me get clarity on my doubts. I admire his coaching style, of asking the right questions, rather than immediately jumping to answers. The sessions were very helpful to me. I would highly recommend Rene as a coach! Thanks