Owning the strategy, and aligning with the exec team on how the vision could be translated to the teams, by giving them the right context and empowerment is a big part of my weeks. I have done B2B SaaS for the last 15 years in multiple verticals, created teams and products from scratch, adapted, created, or help to create frameworks, tools, and processes that allow scaling while keeping a lean and growth mindset. For the last few years, I have helped organizations and teams to understand why good products are only achieved when we understand our users and market. Adding value to current propositions and creating new products has been a key part of my work. I have helped teams grow from 0 to 20+ people and my best legacy is to have people stepping up and taking lead or manager positions. Assisting people to grow and achieve their potential brings me special joy. I thrive and feel alive when I manage to help the team to understand customer pains and listen to what they have to say about their experience and needs. I use my soft skills to get the users mixed into the process so we can achieve the best and most successful solution possible, working together with business, marketing, design, and development. Product Management, Team Management, User Experience, getting people networking, and achieving common goals are my great loves :) For the last couple of years, I have been a Mentor to many product people either starting their product journey, moving to leadership positions, or beginning their new business. I have been a speaker at several events and meetups like Product Tank, Productized and I am also a certified trainer facilitating workshops on Design Sprints, Product, and UX

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career development
  • Management
  • Growth
  • SaaS Startups
  • SaaS
  • Building Teams
  • Building Processes
  • Cross-Functional Work

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