Hello, I'm Ricardo - an experienced tech entrepreneur and leader in the software development industry with a rich career spanning over 17 years. Throughout my journey, I've successfully launched several ventures including an award-winning software house, Appock, the innovative travel app, Trippr, and the dynamic digital marketing agency, Multside Digital. Today, I am the captain at the helm of Mind-r.ai, a trailblazing AI tech company creating voice assistant solutions for mental health support. Our principal product, Solace, leverages advanced AI to engage in empathetic and meaningful dialogues, offering guidance and resources for individuals on their mental health journey. I've always had a passion for coaching and mentoring others, helping them grow in their careers. From junior engineers starting their journey to mid-level developers aiming for the next leap, I'm here to provide guidance and support. My expertise spans from technical design and solutions to team management and leadership, all fueled by the belief in the transformative power of technology. Moreover, I've always believed in using technology for social good and have spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at creating meaningful societal progress. The ventures I've founded and led have consistently focused on leveraging technology to tackle real-world challenges, create meaningful experiences, and stimulate societal progress. If you're seeking a mentor who can help you navigate the complexities of the tech industry, provide valuable guidance on various facets of software development, and share insights on how to use technology to generate value and effect positive change, I'm here to help. Let's work together to achieve your goals and shape the future!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career Growth
  • Technical Skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Social Impact
31.March 2023

Ricardo was excellent. Very easy to talk to and super informative. He was happy to let the session go in any direction I wanted, but also asked some great questions to help identify areas of weakness and improvement for me. After our session Ricardo followed up with some useful resources and further learning opportunities. Overall I really enjoyed the session, would happily recommend Ricardo as a mentor and look forward to speaking to him in the near future.

10.March 2023

As a software developer actively looking for new job opportunities, I was primarily seeking guidance on that front in our session. However, Ricardo went above and beyond in his approach to helping me. Not only did he provide excellent insights and advice on how to improve my job search, but he also offered helpful tips on how to enhance my professional presence and profile on LinkedIn. He genuinely cared about helping in any way he possibly could, drawing from his extensive experience and knowledge to do so. His friendly and approachable personality blow me away and made it easier to discuss any concerns or questions that I had. I would highly recommend Ricardo to anyone seeking mentorship in any area of their professional career as a software professional. Thank you, Ricardo, for our mentoring session!

28.February 2023

I had a great session. Lots of insights .he advised me on how to structure resume, LinkedIn, github He was encouraging, positive, resourceful, honest and clear. He cleared all my doubts. Thank you so so much:)