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I'm a product management leader with 10 years of experience in fast-growing tech companies. I was an early employee at a unicorn (Fab.com), CEO at my SaaS startup (Wunderdata), and product lead at a DAX company (Zalando). My passion is to help people make the right decisions in work and life.

Tell me about what you have on your mind right now and I'm sure we can learn from each other.

Mentoring Topics

  • All things Product Management
  • Challenging product ideas
  • Career advice and self mastery
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Richard

23.October 2021

The session was very helpful. From general advices about productivity, goal setting and product ideation and finding the right balance between oneself and work, Richard listens and gives super relevant feedback

Really appreciate it

22.October 2021

The session was absolutely helpful!

I wonder if there would be some more room to get to know each other at the beginning of the session, also as a foundation for a potential long-term mentoring relationship.

Also, I wonder if there is anything I can do, to make the session also more valuable for you.

19.October 2021

Thank you so much for your time and advice! I don't see any way you could have been more helpful :)

7.October 2021

It was a great experience. Richard was very thoughtful with his answers. He listens carefully before he talks. Thanks again!

18.September 2021

Super helpful. It was fortunate that Richard had expertise in the domain I sought mentorship for and could bridge his experience to the project I was building, giving way for actionable feedback. Thanks again!

17.September 2021

I had a very good experience with Richard. I am looking for a career change into Product Management and Richard was helpful and empathetic . He gave me the proper guidance and suggested next steps to do for getting into this career. This mentoring has given me more clarity on what I need to do.

20.August 2021

I have received some great insights about PM.

Hope we can exchange regularly.

10.August 2021

Yes, it was helpful. I couldn't thank enough for people who are doing this for others!

As a first session, you already provided good pointers of what possible things to do and to learn from.