About me

Hi, my name is Salomé!

I’m half Danish, half French. I was born in Paris, grew up in Copenhagen, and I’ve lived, studied and worked in Ecuador, U.S, Australia, Ghana, Mexico and China.

I am currently based in Copenhagen working for a start-up named LifeX (www.joinlifex.com), a rapidly growing European co-living company shaping the future of living. I started as Country Manager for Denmark growing the Danish market and building the Danish team. I then worked as Head of Nordics and France, growing our markets and working mainly with business development and partnerships within real estate. Now I hold a dual role heading our Nordic region as well as heading our people operations.

I am passionate about leadership, and passionate about empowering individuals to find and use their own voice and strengths to make an impact within their space and for themselves.

People’s wellbeing and following your passion lies at the heart of everything for me.

On a personal level I am passionate about traveling, discovering new hidden spots and interesting cultures. I live for adventures and I love hiking and conquering mountain peaks.

I create safe and comfortable environments to have deep and meaningful conversations about career, life, passions, struggles and everything in between. We can speak English, French or English together (and some Spanish).

Mentoring Topics

  • Authentic leadership - discovering your unique personality traits and strengths and use them to lead
  • Authenticity in the workplace - how to be YOU, proud and confident.
  • Discovering your strengths - how to self-reflect and get to know yourself better
  • Networking - how to use and grow your network to your advantage (a new career path, a new role, moving to a new country, sparring for your current role, moving up the ladder)
  • International relocation - how to find a job, activate your network, grow your network, manage the stress and anxiety and settle happily.
  • Startup culture
  • Startups (for early hires) - working with Founders
  • Wellbeing & work-life balance
Country: Denmark Timezone: Europe/Copenhagen