Hello, my name is Sameet Sonawane, and I am excited to offer my expertise and guidance as a mentor. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in data science and machine learning, I have tackled complex business challenges through innovative AI and Big Data solutions. Here's a brief overview of my background and skills: Expertise in AI and ML: Skilled in deploying and fine-tuning advanced machine learning models, including Large Language Models (LLMs). Proficient in transformer architecture, in-context learning, prompt engineering, and parameter tuning. NLP and Data Science: Experienced in Natural Language Processing techniques and implementing algorithms like Neural Networks, CNN, RNN, Xgboost, LightGBM, and more. Comprehensive Data Handling: Expertise in data analysis, cleansing, transformation, and integration using Python and SQL. End-to-End Project Management: Proficient in orchestrating complete data science lifecycles and designing impactful visualizations using Tableau.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • MLOps
  • Data Science Career
  • Large Language Model/Gen AI

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