I am Santhosh Mogili and I am based in India. I run an IT infrastructure consulting and DevOps services company called Optimize IT (aka Opt IT) . We engage with SMB customers as their outsourced CIO in summary.

I believe in lifelong learning. This mindset has helped me learn from my peers, customers, partners, etc. This is the most exciting part of what i do in my role at Opt IT. I like sharing my knowledge & also learn from people that i connect with.

One of my key interest areas is to keep a tab on technology that helps solve problems in a unique manner.

If you have any questions in these domains (IT infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Choosing a career in IT, Affordable Learning Options to shape a career in IT domain, Sales). I am happy to share my learnings so far.

My Mentoring Topics

  • DevOps
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • AWS
  • Career advice in the IT domain
  • Sales strategy
15.September 2021

The session with Santhosh was very helpful. He distilled down the points which I should focus on, in my platform and also was very kind to share his thoughts on how to help grow it. I highly recommend Santhosh as a mentor and look forward to more conversations with him.