About me

I’m a Holistic Health Coach + Mindset Mentor and a start-up co-founder bringing a 12+ year experience in corporate tax consulting, financial/banking services, and relationship management background spanning over three countries – USA, India and Australia.

I use my expertise in these areas to help ambitious women living high-pressure lives build emotional resilience and stress management so you can transform the way you live and work in this complex, fast-changing world. My unique combination of coaching, mindfulness, wellness, start-up, and corporate experience means I understand your world from the inside and I know how to help you.

I help co-create your toolkit of practical strategies and strong habits built around the pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, mindset, self-talk along with play and relationships) that allows you to have a high-performing career, an amazing health, and a happy personal life.

My approach centres around embodied change, a results-proven process letting you connect with the entirety of your mind and body, and by doing so, creating lasting change and balance in your life. I offer a safe space where you can explore being both vulnerable and courageous.

Mentoring Topics

  • Emotional resilience & stress management
  • Holistic health & Wellbeing for busy individuals
  • Leadership & high-performing career
  • Achieving amazing health while maintaining career growth
  • Navigating human and embodied change
  • Mindfulness & Meditation - practical tools
  • Build a toolkit of stress buster strategies for busy life
  • Wellness consulting