#Management & System Design is my passion, #Imagination is my ability #Spreading knowledge is my hobby I am responsible to monitor the resources, allocation of dependable tasks to each resource, preparing documentations, review client documents, gathering information which fit for implementation. Follow the process, applying new process if there is a flaw in existing process. There should be always check points to check and recheck of each activity performed on project that help finding a quality product when finished. Interacting with clients, schedule meetings, preparing Project plans, resource time sheets, monitoring their entered efforts into our internal system, generating reports. Conducting training sessions for new and existing resources, recommending, timely communication to all stakeholders, preparing reports, helping team members in completing their task if they stuck in to solve the task. Working in agile project management system but day start with scrum style to boost the team and make sure that they realize their achievement for the day. Project follow up model is mixture of both Agile and Scrum. Closely involved with QA and QC team to verify and check the quality of work, if there is an issue in quality a flag will be raised to fix and resend it for final approval. Preparing release document, change document and deployment document. Verification of production changes once moved to live environment. Closely interaction with QA team to cross check the updates. Informed the same to all stakeholders and the task will be updated as closed.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Project Management :-
  • I drive the development and implementation of new and exciting products and services. Working closely with sales, Vendors, partners, customers and other technical support groups in cross-functional teams and managing the entire lifecycle of highly complex, high risk projects from design to delivery.

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