About me

I choose to be a software engineer and lean start-up practitioner. I believe in pragmatism, open communication and data. My preferred setup is “loosely coupled but highly aligned”.

Within a team I take the role of facilitator and driver. I favor structured over volatile, passion over casualness, trust over control. With a high sense of ownership, proven leadership capabilities and a strong desire to ship value to customers, I'm a highly motivated individual.

On my desk you will find Daniel Pink’s 'Drive', Juergen Apello’s 'Management 3.0' and Eric Ries’s 'The Lean Startup'. And a mechanical keyboard and lot's of hardware to tinker around with.

I enjoy architecting and creating cutting-edge products and I surround myself with inspired, innovative and positive people so that I can grow with them and achieve epic stuff.

Mentoring Topics

  • Engineering
  • Leadership
  • Scaling
  • Freelancing
  • Innovation
  • Culture
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Sebastian

21.July 2021

Sebastian is straight forward and helpful. I would highly recommend him

28.May 2021

The session was really helpful. I could dive deep into your years of experience and it helped me look at my idea from different perspectives. Thanks for the help Sebastian. Looking forward to speaking with you again soon