// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Seçkin Dinç

I have been in Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Data Product development for 14 years. Currently, I am working as Head of Marketing Automation department in Free Now in Hamburg/Germany. We are building Machine Learning products to optimize marketing spending and increase efficiency in Free Now.

I started my professional career at SPSS as a Machine Learning consultant in 2008 while I was taking my master's at Information Technologies/ Computer Science. Since then I am leading Data Products with both hands-on and leadership perspectives.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career Change into Data Domain
  • Interview Preparation
  • Data Product Development
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Domain Knowledge (Mobility, Ride-Hailing, Micro Mobility, Fraud)
7.July 2022

Thanks for this insightful session, Seçkin! It was very interesting to learn about your experience and take on leadership. I also appreciate that mentoring and having an impact is genuinely important for you. Was super nice chatting with you! Talk to you again in 3 months. All the best!

30.June 2022

Very helpful session!

Specifically, I liked the idea of using metrics and KPIs to monitor progress in the problem at hand (I was aware of these but didn't know how to set them up from scratch). Also, the pointers regarding variety and segment groups were very poignant and relevant to the overarching strategy I've been working on. I liked the analytics aspect of the whole marketing plan, something not many marketing professionals dwell on. The specific examples of successful professionals related to my project were also very useful as it makes the whole thing more tangible.

I'd highly recommend Seçkin for any marketing-related matters, especially if you are fond of analytics and technology.

23.June 2022

The session was beyond my expectation. Most of the questions that I have prepared were answered by him before I even ask. Seçkin is a kind and knowledgeable mentor who is keen to give more than what you expect. He has instructed me thoroughly about long term steps to be taken in order to be a true data scientist as well. There should be no hesitation to schedule a session with him, in case one is interested in data science.

23.June 2022

Great session and very helpful, out come was fruitful, thanks to Seçkin found a potentially simple solution to the problem I'm working on.

13.June 2022

Super helpful - Seckin broke down the entire process into actionable steps which made our 30 minutes very productive

10.June 2022

Great session. Amazing mentorship session and he helped me to set a clear career path. Looking forward to connecting again

18.May 2022

My session with Seçkin was great! Seçkin is kind, friendly and very pleasant to talk to. From the first minute it was obvious he has massive expertise on the topic and is very eager to share it with others. Our call was packed with insights and helped me a lot to better frame my mind around the problem I was solving. I definitely got more than I expected. Thank you Seçkin!

29.April 2022

The session is very helpful to me. I am so pleased. I got more then I expected. Mr. Dinç has listen to me, understand my requirements and targets. Then he advice me an easy learning path to became a data scientist. He suggested me a udemy course and several learning materials. We agreed to get a new session three months after now. Thanks.

28.April 2022

The session was very beneficial. Seckin listened carefully to the topics I wanted to talk about and gave me useful suggestions on these topics. Additionally, he was very calm and helpful throughout the session. He greeted me with a smile in my every sentence and this gave me calmness and self-confidence. I was looking for a mentor like Seckin before the session. To be honest, I was very surprised to meet with a person like Seckin. Thanks again for your effort Seckin!