We can have a discussion on enterprise, IT architecture or software engineering - I will "step in your shoes" and "walk with you your neighbourhoods". During our virtual "walk" I will help you to better visualise the tradeoffs behind your challenge so that you can take an informed decision what to do and what makes more sense to you.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Software engineering
  • Software architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Team Topologies
  • DDD
  • Cloud
  • Managing risks in extreme environments
1.December 2023

I had an exceptional session with Sergiu today. He effortlessly clarified all my doubts and shared incredibly useful links. His expertise and clear communication made the learning experience outstanding. The mentor's passion for the subject was evident, making the session not only educational but also engaging. The valuable resources provided have proven to be a great asset for my continued learning. I highly recommend Sergiu for anyone seeking a knowledgeable and supportive guide. Overall, a fantastic learning experience!

25.November 2023

By far the best mentorship session, I've had till date. Sergiu was fantastic in guiding architectural decisions, bringing clarity and encouraging questions. His crystal clear responses were quite insightful, and it made the whole session really enriching. His expertise and enthusiasm shone through, also his energy was really great. All of this made my mentoring session truly worthwhile.