About me

Hi there, wonderful human. My name is Shao (fun fact: the Chinese character for my name is 霄, which consists of rain, water + moon) and I am based out of New York City.

I am currently a Product Manager for Morgan Stanley's wealth management retail brokerage platform, with previous experiences at a mix of both startup and corporate:

∅ Business Analyst building sales and trading platforms specializing in equities, derivatives and FX

∅ Treasury Analyst working on stress testing, recovery and resolution (bankruptcy) planning

The best part about being a PM for me is the creativity of designing user experiences, getting to solve other people's problems, and strengthening internal teams so that the rubber meets the road.

I am also a recent MBA graduate of NYU Stern School of Business '20, where I attended part-time in evenings and weekends while working full-time. Through this experience, I learned more than a thing or two on grit, resilience, motivation, discipline, study techniques, time management and productivity.

In my spare time, I am a fitness junkie, reader, watercolorist, writer and content creator. I am excited to meet wherever you are on your career journey and humbled that you chose me to be apart of the way. Let's get started!

Mentoring Topics

  • Product management and its role in agile software development,
  • User research and requirements gathering,
  • Data analytics and the tools that facilitate applied computer science,
  • Pivoting job roles and how to ask your manager to be a co-creator of your career,
  • Why motivation is a myth and tips to make time for what matters

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