Please feel free to reach out if you feel I can help you in any way or if you would just like to have a chat as well, my DMs are always open :) ---------- I am an Engineer turned PM turned Product/Tech Generalist with experience in Product Management (mostly B2B and 0 to 1 Products), managing and building tech teams, building web and mobile apps Currently working on my side-project: - check it out! Worked in domains such as Healthcare, HRIMS, Logistics, FinTech/TechFin, and now back at Healthcare ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am also a top-rated mentor on ADPList: Other than work, my interests range from Photography, Architecture, Psychology, Music, Learning, Economics, and Behavioral Science.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Transitioning to Product Management
  • Leveling up as a Product Manager
  • Getting Technical as a Product Manager
  • PM Interview Prep/Mock Interviews
  • Tech/design-related career advice
  • General chat :)
25.November 2023

Shubham is a very likeable and interesting mentor. I already realized in the first session what comprehensive knowledge he has. We had a very impressive Q&A session from which I could benefit a lot. The remarkable thing is that Shubham is very attentive, i.e. he listens, understands and makes the appropriate recommendation. he seems to be a structured person as his way of thinking is organized and his answers are accurate. In addition to book and podcast recommendations, he also presented very impressive self-developed AI-based tools for product management. A mentor I can highly recommend! Thank you very much !

21.November 2023

Shubham not only delivered invaluable insights for interview preparation but also recommended impactful enhancements to elevate CV shortlisting. His assistance was truly instrumental!

21.October 2023

It was fantastic connecting with Shubham. He lead me talk openly and initiated good conversation about professional and personal life. He has shared some good material, resources, inspiration and stories from personal life which helped me clear my queries in career path.

28.September 2023

I really appreciate your mentorship sir, it helped me to clear my confusion, i definitely do what you said to me and lastly I would say keep it up sir you are doing a great work of helping students in achieving their goals 💯✨😉 thankyou.

22.September 2023

Shubham is great mentor! He's a great listener, warm and very understanding. Really nice and insightful conversation.

20.September 2023

Shubham is detail oriented and can dive deep into individual's current level of knowledge, skills to help and understand the areas of improvement. The session was insightful and engaging.

23.August 2023

Shubham's experience in transitioning from being a developer to a customer-centric PM was exactly what I needed in order to be guided towards a more customer-centric mindset. He is a very good listener and cleared a lot of doubts that I had in my head whenever I was going through ideas and iterations with potential customers for my product. He also really gave me a lot of insights into how better team collaboration can be built, especially between EMs and PMs. I am looking forward to my next session with him !

16.August 2023

Shubham gave me incredibly valuable advice throughout our session. He had great insights on how to stand-out while job hunting, and gave me specific feedback on my resume. Our session energized me and improved my chances to get hired. I highly recommend him as a mentor!

15.August 2023

Got valuable insights & resources. This session really helped me to understand where I'm lacking & also important strategies to improve further. Thank you Shubham for session & valuable guidance.