About me

I am an unwavering optimist who believes, that each of us can change this world for the better. I love to inspire people and to do what inspires them.

I was born with a heart of exploration. As a child I could often be found tracing the map of the world, dreaming of places and cultures. My „I'll figure it out" persistance has not only been essential to realizing my dreams of seeing the world, but has also been the backbone of my life as an entrepreneur.

I work with leaders and organizations in a lot of different industries and countries to help transform company culture and create a better working world. My focus is on how emotional intelligence contributes to effective people strategies, particularly in the areas of employee engagement, wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, high-performance leadership, and organizational culture change. My aim is unleashing the power of humanity in the business, to create a better tomorrow. I am an activist for values-based work.

Mentoring Topics

  • Team Structure & Work Methodologies,
  • Leadership & Management,
  • Human Resources,
  • Self Mastery,
  • Culture