About me ✓ Simina is a certified mentor

10+ years in the Engineering world, from finance , to airlines, to digital consultancy and, lately to the online dating world, I navigated my way through various technologies, leadership styles, organisational cultures and geographies.

You don't need a manager!

I am settled now in the firm belief that teams that deliver the best are the ones where everyone feels empowered and responsible for the outcome, teams that are self steering. This can be achieved when individuals realise their own responsibility towards themselves and towards their team.

You can be a leader every step of the way!

I am passionate about coaching individuals in owning their own career plan and continuously grow their impact in an organisation. You don't have to be in a self-steering company to show great ownership and to be a leader!

I can help you to find your own path through this world of IT!

Mentoring Topics

  • software engineering,
  • leadership,
  • agile,
  • self stering teams,
  • coaching,
  • career coaching,
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Bucharest