Hi, nice to meet you here!

I'm Simon and I love empowering others to rise above.

I strongly believe that the world becomes a better place when we share our experiences and knowledge with others without expecting anything in return.

As a digital entrepreneur, freelance product owner and product discovery coach, I had and have the privilege to face many various challenges regarding innovation, product management, project management, agile frameworks and leadership of individuals and teams as well as founding a startup.

So I can support you with the following topics and questions:

- How to find and deliver the right products?

- How to properly apply agile & lean frameworks, techniques and processes? (Lean Startup, Lean Analytics, Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, User Journey, etc.).

- How to start a startup?

... and things related to product ownership and entrepreneurship.

Sound interesting to you?

Then I'd love to get in touch with you and tackle your questions and challenges together.

FYI: To ensure an efficient and time-boxing meeting, please be so kind to let me know your questions and challenges in advance so that I can prepare for you ;) Thank you!



My Mentoring Topics

  • Product Ownership
  • Lean Startup
  • Product Discovery
  • Digitale Entrepreneurship
  • Agile Product Development

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