About me ✓ Simone is a certified mentor

Hi there,

I am Simone. I started my career in the automotive industry quite some time ago. Today, I can look back at >14 years in the automotive industry, holding different positions such as project manager, team leader and department head. I've had the chance to gain wide experience and knowledge in the fields of Sales, After Sales, Product Marketing and Business Development. Together with my intercultural team and our international partners, we managed successful product launches worldwide, e.g. the first BEV model, and implemented new sales concepts. The evaluation of business potential e.g. through product optimization is another area of my expertise.

I recently started a new project: Becoming an entrepreneur with focus on business consulting.

I will support smalle-sized companies in establishing agile methods (agile project management) as well as Start Ups in implementing processes and structures (without jeopardizing their agility, creativity and culture). I'm convinced that operational excellence is very important for the success of every company. And that at the same time organizations need to stay flexible and adapt to changing business environments quickly.

Furthermore, I truly believe in purpose driven organizations focussing on the WHY and not only on the HOW and WHAT. Especially during the last months and the crisis we are all facing, focussing on purpose helped many teams to become more resilient. Value orientation combined with sincere, authentic appreciation and open communication should be our new normal.

Along my way, I had many mentors. They supported me overcoming obstacles and reaching my goals - and gave me honest and valuable feedback. I would be happy to be one mentor along your way.

Mentoring Topics

  • Business Development
  • Project & Change Management
  • Agile Project Management - SCRUM / KANBAN
  • Leadership Management
  • Development of teams
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Simone

27.October 2021

Wonderful coach! Great listener and very pragmatic, empathetic advice! Simone is a very able coach.

29.September 2021

Die Session mit Simone sehr hilfreich. Sie hat mir einige smarte Fragen gestellt und hat mich dadurch auf viele interessante Ideen gebracht, die ich in meinem Business auf jeden Fall ausprobieren könnte. Vielen Dank dafür, Simone!

21.September 2021

The session with Simone was very helpful. In an open-minded and calm way, Simone guided me through her on point questions to find my answers. Highly recommended.

18.July 2021

I had a few sessions with Simone and at the beginning I didn't know what to except and more important I had no idea what I want. Simone helped me with my personal & professional journey, without pushing my into any direction and especially with my on speed.

I appreciated her way of working together with me, asking me questions and helping me to find my own solution. Listening, understanding and working on individualized anwers is a point I really enjoyed during our sessions. Big thank you from my side!

13.July 2021

Vielen Dank für die guten Fragen und die guten Impulse, die nicht nur auf Konfrontation, sondern auf Konsens ausgerichtet sind ohne dabei die starke eigene Position zu verlassen

6.July 2021

It was a great session, I really enjoyed our conversation. I loved that you guided the session with a certain structure and asked for questions in the beginning of the call. I really like that you took the time to take down notes, you were actively listening and showcasing "understanding to be understood".

30.June 2021

It was very helpful and thank you!

First of all - it is great to have the structure how the session will go further and I do like all the questions from your side to have better understanding and of course to be able to help within the session.

16.April 2021

I think it was super helpful. Being the fast-paced person I am. I wanted answers to all my questions immediately but we took a different approach and answered the questions as they came and I think that really helped me understand one topic at a time

12.April 2021

Die Session war sehr hilfreich und hat mich meinem Ziel einen Schritt weiter gebracht - in Richtung Zielfindung, spannender Weise. Vielen Dank noch einmal.

18.March 2021

It was a really good session which helped me reevaluate my situation from another perspective. I am very grateful to have Simone asking thought-provoking questions, listening to my responses, analyzing them and giving suggestions.

My key take-aways are:

- Keep a journal on good days and bad days, write down what brings you energy and see if I can reproduce that

- Be firm and clear on the message I want to say. Try to separate emotions from what you want to do or convey. Understand the feelings but do not get driven by them.

- Some concrete questions I could ask or actions I could do. The wordings that you suggested are really neutral yet concise and powerful. I really appreciate and learn a lot.

Thank you Simone!

4.March 2021

Importance of headhunters, which companies to target for a fast growth, CV tips

26.February 2021

CV help, where to find the kind of opportunities I'm looking for, confidence in my current skills

17.February 2021

-Another approach to market via partnerships

- Advice on customer approach

- New ideas for additional product features to gain customer traction