I studied as a physicist in Italy, where I completed my PhD computational biophysics in 2019. I soon after moved to Copenhagen for a postdoc opportunity, as my mind was set to move forward with the academic career. I soon realized that the way academia is structured, its slow pace and the expectation to constantly move around the world in the hope to find a stable position were not what I was looking for. Therefore, after 2.5 years of postdoc I completely changed my career and started working as a data engineer for an advertising company, where I worked for 2 years until I changed to my current job, still in the same industry. And if you're asking: yes, I could not be happier about my choice! I am very aware of the challenges of the career change from academia to the private sector, including (sometimes) the sense of guilt and defeat that come with them. Therefore, I would be extremely happy to help anyone who's going through such a transition, with anything they might need: CV reviews, career advice, suggestions, encouragement, you name it!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Engineering
  • Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Transition from Academia to Private Sector

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