Hi, this is Sonia here!

I have completed my bachelor studies in Energy Engineering in Taiwan. I then came to Munich, Germany to pursue my master degree. And now I am working in Energy Storage sector as a sales engineer.

Feel free to ask me question whenever there is one!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Completed M.Sc. Power Engineer at Technical University in Munich
  • How to find working student/internship in Germany while studying
  • How to find a job after completing master degree
  • What is the correct attitude while job searching, should I just take whatever that comes?
  • Renewable energy enthusiast
  • What does a sales engineer do?
  • What is the student life and working life here in Germany? What about those in Taiwan?
  • What the best way to connect to people, regardless in universities or companies
  • Is German important in terms of studying, working, or living in Germany?
  • Shoot me a question!

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